List of Services:

  • Complete Design/Build Package:

– Intial client meeting on project site to discuss and develop client’s personal goals, needs (No charge).

– Meet with client for site and design reviews. Help client navigate arborist report, property survey, and

other city requirements for site location. (Separate fees may apply)

– Concept development based on client goals and needs, as well as basic budget development

– Creation of up to 3 design drafts, inluding 3D CAD rendering based on client approved goals, site

constraints and intial budget

– Meet with contractors to discuss potential layouts and construction constraints where needed.

– Assist client in, or select, all final finishes, colors, appliances etc.

– Creation of permit ready drawings (stamped engineering included, seperate engineering fees apply/ price

may vary)

– Work with BDS (Bureau of Development Services) to obtain all necessary permits

– Project management of General Contractor (UDU GC or other) and all other contractors

– Client liasion through-out entire design process, design implementation, budget management and project


Garden design available:

  • Supportive and therapeutic garden creation to client’s specific needs
  • Low maintenance and low-water garden beautification to enhance curb appeal
  • Small outdoor space creation for new rental space to increase rental income

(Pricing is based on scope of project. Please inquire seperatly)

A la Carte:

Any part of the complete package is available on a pick and choose basis. Project cost analysis is available as well for home owners and real estate professionals who want to add this service to a listing or investigate for a client.

(Pricing between $300 and $800, based on extend of analysis needed)

General Pricing based on completed UDU projects:

  • Pricing varies based on scope of project, but as a general guideline, the design phase and plan creation for a basement UDU are about $2,200 to $3,500. Permit costs and engineering vary and are not included.
  • Design and Plan Creation for detached new construction UDUs require more extensive designs and may cost between $3500-$4500 for Design, $1,800 -$3000 for engineering (based on complexity and number of revisions) and $1,650-$2200 to complete the plan sets and get them through the BDS approval process. (Actual cost based on scope and complexity of each project).
  • Permit costs vary based on size, value, demo permits etc.
  • Engineering costs vary depending on many issues, like existing structures that don’t meet code, need to create new basement entrance, re-inforcing existing footings etc.
  • Most 1-2-bedroom basement UDUs cost about $100.000-$180.000 to build, including all design, engineering, permits and all labor and materials.
  • Detached bedrooms (no kitchen) may range from $80.000 to $150.000 including all design, engineering, permits and all labor and materials.
  • New construction or major alteration of existing building to convert to maximum size UDU (up to 800 sq.ft., 1-2 bedrooms, multi-story,  1 or 1.5 bathrooms and full kitchen can range from $190.000 to $250.000 or more depending on chosen construction quality and materials (nice to luxurious).

We can work with most budgets and some of our clients choose to do some of the finish work themselves. Please contact us to discuss your project and we are sure we can assist you with your project to whatever level you need.

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